Network Advisory Group

Kimberly Roberts

Rebecca Garofano

Rebecca Garofano is a graduate student in Nutrition Science at Syracuse University. She is interested in the ways that communities are resilient and address agriculture and nutritional needs, particularly in the context of change.

Kimberly Roberts is a PhD candidate in the Department of Geography at York University. As a political ecologist, her research focuses on the intersections of resource use and access, livelihood change, and land degradation.  

Hannah Van Der Vorst

Hannah Van Der Vorst is in the process of acquiring a Masters in Landscape Architecture at the University of Colorado, Denver. She is interested in using her skills in landscape architecture, agriculture, and engineering to create sustainable, therapeutic, and productive landscapes that support healthy lifestyles among underserved urban populations.

Hannah Gray

Dr. Hannah Gray is a NIFA Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Integrative Biology at the University of Texas at Austin, where her research aims to integrate pest and pollinator management in squash cropping systems through improved ecological knowledge.

Rick Bates

Bob Morikawa

Bob Morikawa is technical director for Plant With Purpose ( Plant With Purpose works with small holder farmers around the world empowering them to solve their environmental and economic challenges. 

Dr. Rick Bates is a Professor of Horticulture in the Department of Plant Science at Penn State University with degrees from West Virginia University and Virginia Tech. Throughout his career he has focused on projects that use horticultural science as a tool to help: 1) increase the profitability of horticulture enterprises, 2) protect and restore the environment, and 3) alleviate poverty in developing parts of the world and at home. Dr. Bates’ research, teaching and outreach programs have emphasized sustainable, scalable solutions to problems affecting horticulture value chain development and low-input food production systems. 

Jesse Burnette

Jesse Burnette is a Family Team Meeting Facilitator for the Division of Family and Children Services in Georgia. He works as a neutral party to help build consensus between DFCS, foster parents, service providers, the court and families.  He also enjoys small-scale gardening at his Northwest Georgia home.

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