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Cultivate Abundance was established in 2017 in response to the needs of low-income migrant farmworkers in Immokalee, Florida who – despite growing 2/3 of America’s winter tomatoes and other produce – disproportionately experience food insecurity. 


Immokalee is a designated food desert defined by multiple barriers to nutritious, affordable foods: a cruel irony for hard-working farmworkers. 


Cultivate Abundance increases families’ access to healthy foods by growing, collecting and sharing fresh produce, while equipping landless households to grow supplementary foods in container gardens. 


Since beginning operations in 2018, Cultivate Abundance has distributed over 59 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables, directly benefitting an average of 400 community members (predominately of Haitian, Guatemalan and Mexican heritage) on a weekly basis.


All of Cultivate Abundance’s work is done in collaboration with local home gardeners, growing partners and social service providers, and in a spirit of solidarity with those who grow our food.

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