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Our Work

Learn how your organization can engage in community-supported food security.

The approach Cultivate Abundance uses to address the ironic food insecurity of Immokalee’s farmworker community is simple. On a year-round basis, along with local partners, we grow, collect, and share nutritious food of local/cultural preference. This is what we call community-supported food security.

Growing Food

The Cultivate Abundance team grows nutritious food that reflects the cultural preferences of the Immokalee farmworker community. Our dedicated team is committed to cultivating a wide variety of fresh produce to share in Immokalee.

Collecting Food

We cultivate the involvement of scores of small-scale food-producing partners from across the region who donate culturally preferred nutritious food.

Sharing Food

Every Friday, Cultivate Abundance and partners share food grown and collected with hundreds of Immokalee residents, benefiting at least 1,000 people weekly. It's a weekly celebration of unity and good food.

Preserving Food Tradition, Promoting Home Gardening

At Cultivate Abundance, we understand the importance of preserving and celebrating local food traditions. That's why we go beyond just providing food. Our team also facilitates frequent training and exchange opportunities related to home gardening and household nutrition. We believe in empowering our community members to cultivate their own gardens and make healthy food choices. To support this mission, we share gardening resources like seeds, seedlings, soil mix, and containers. Together, we're nurturing a stronger, healthier Immokalee.

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