Donate Fresh Produce from your Garden!

Cultivate Abundance is seeking donations of appropriate types of fruits and vegetables from Southwest Florida gardeners and institutions to share with farmworker families. 


We know that among thousands of gardeners in this region, many produce a surplus of fruit and vegetables that are preferred by the residents of Immokalee and other local farmworker communities.


Due to staff and volunteer limitations, donation of harvested produce is preferred.  


For produce donations, we are looking for the following types of gardener involvement:


  1. Good quality, harvested produce (see preferred varieties below) that Cultivate Abundance can pass along to farmworkers.  Harvested produce can be picked up by Cultivate Abundance volunteers in Cape Coral, Ft. Myers and Lehigh Acres.

  2. Donations from outside of Lee County can be delivered to designated drop off sites in either Ft. Myers or Immokalee.  Contact us for more details.  

  3. Cultivate Abundance is looking for volunteers willing to help harvest produce in select donating home and institutional gardens where ready-picked produce is not available.  We also need volunteers who can help receive donations and make deliveries to Immokalee.


Cultivate Abundance will accept the following types of fruits and vegetables:

  • citrus

  • mango

  • avocado

  • sapodilla

  • passion fruit

  • carambola (starfruit)

  • banana and plantain

  • pumpkin and squash

  • papaya

  • roots crops such as fresh cassava (yuca), sweet potato, taro, malanga and cocoyam


Please contact us if you have these products or expect to have such produce to donate in the near future.

Thank you!

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