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Cultivate Abundance is committed to eliminating food insecurity in the Immokalee farmworker community by increasing access to nutritious, locally grown fresh food of cultural preference.


Though Immokalee may seem far away, the efforts of these farmworkers can be found in your grocery store every day.


We believe the farmworker community that puts food on our tables should be able to put food on their own. With your support they can.


Times are hard now for many of us and especially for those living on the margins. The farmworker community is no exception. The need for food is greater than ever in Immokalee and yet our ability to respond is under threat.


We need help to get through the next few months. If you have been blessed with resources, we hope you will consider sharing with Cultivate Abundance.


Your vital support enables us to continue to grow, collect, and share food with those who harvest our crops

See how Cultivate Abundance is growing food, exchanging knowledge, and partnering with many other growers to harvest and share the abundance.

By the Numbers

Food Grown and Food Shared Since 2018

100,503 Pounds

293,088 Servings

99 Varieties

Welcome to the Table

A new podcast produced by Don Durham at Healing Springs Acres highlights what people are doing to end hunger.

Practical wisdom from a practiced expert.  Rick Burnette has worked in sustainable local scale agriculture projects all over the globe. He's learned enough to listen more. Hear how his work fits into efforts to help end hunger among farm workers in Immokalee, FL in this third interview of three about the work in the Immokalee community.
This episode featuring Pastor Miguel Estrada, founding director of Misión Peniel, the hosting partner of Cultivate Abundance in Immokalee, sheds light on the realities faced by the Immokalee farmworker community and how you can affect change.
In this episode Julia Perkins describes the work of CIW, the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, among migrant farm workers in and beyond Immokalee, FL.  Their work intersects with nearly every aspect of the systemic forces that contribute to hunger in the communities they serve.  Listen for more wisdom about what we can all do more of, more often, to help end hunger.

Food Dignity Podcast

Rick Burnette, Co-founder and Technical Director of Cultivate Abundance, discusses "food solidarity" in this podcast with Clancy Harrison of Food Dignity Project.

Artwork created by Rebecca Garofano for

The Food Dignity Project.

Wendell Berry

“It may be too easy to underestimate the power of a garden.”